NEURO-BUREAU: ADHD-200 Processed Data New Additions

May 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

We would like to announce some valuable new additions to the ADHD-200 preprocessed dataset:

In order to further reduce barriers to competing in the ADHD-200 global competition, the Neuro Bureau has reduced the functional neuroimaging data to region of interest (ROI) time courses.  ROIs were specified using the automated anatomical labeling atlas, the Eickhoff-Zilles atlas, the Harvard-Oxford atlas, the Talairach-Tournoux atlas as well as 200 and 400 region functional parcellations (Craddock et al. HBM, in press).  The resulting time courses are available as tab-delimited text files which can easily be imported into any statistical or mathematical software. Extracted time courses are available here.

For those of you that prefer voxel-based morphometry to functional connectivity, we would like to announce the release of the Burner pipeline data.  The results of this pipeline are modulated and normalized grey matter maps derived using SPM. The data is available here.

Although we are targeting the release dates of the preprocessed data for the ADHD-200 global competition, this data will remain available long after the competition has run its course.  We hope that you find the ADHD-200 preprocessed data useful.


Cameron Craddock and The Neuro Bureau



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