NEURO-BUREAU: ADHD-200 Processed Data Now Available

April 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

In order to bring the ADHD-200 Global Competition to a wider audience, The Neuro Bureau is making preprocessed versions of the competition data freely available to the general public ( These openly downloadable datasets include both preprocessed versions of structural and functional dataset previously made available by the ADHD-200 consortium, as well as initial standard subject-level analyses (e.g., fractional amplitude of low frequency fluctuations, connectivity maps for 10 commonly observed resting state networks (Smith et al. PNAS 2009)). We hope this release will open collaborative possibilities and contributions from researchers not traditionally addressing brain data — for those whose specialties lay outside of MRI and fMRI data processing, the competition is now one step easier.

The preprocessing pipelines will include:
1) The Athena: resting state fMRI and voxel-based morphometry preprocessing (grey matter) using AFNI and FSL [released]

2) The Burner: voxel-based morphometry processing (grey matter and white matter) using DARTEL in SPM [coming soon]

3) The NIAK: resting state fMRI preprocessing using the NeuroImaging Analysis Kit on CBRAIN [coming soon]

4) The CIVET: cortical thickness measures extracted using the CIVET pipeline on CBRAIN [coming soon]

Additionally, for May 1, we anticipate the release of extracted timeseries data (in .csv format) and corresponding full- and partial-correlation matrices for a variety of brain parcellation schemes.

For more information and to download data please visit:

A NITRC account is required to download data.

Cameron Craddock, Daniel Margulies, and The Neuro Bureau


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